Story of Blogging and Murder

I check out the Crime News 2000 site every few days because it provides links to interesting crime stories. (I’m sure John also visits this site. LOL!) This morning’s visit resulted in additional surfing that led to this story about a young girl who allegedly conspired to have her mother murdered. She had a blog where she apparently wrote about her bad feelings toward her mother. The blog is still online, though all entries after March 29 have been deleted. The girl has been charged with murder.


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  1. You do know that they are making a MOTW [Movie of the Week] out of it? Ack. I think it’s almost done, actually, due to be broadcasted in March next year?

  2. OK, I’m not sure whether that is interesting or scary. Probably both. I’d love to see the story profiled on American Justice, but those movies of the week can be bad.