I’ve been reading some of the buzz about the upcoming book in Karin Slaughter’s Grant County series. I’m not sure I would call myself a fan of the series since I’ve only read one book–Indelible–but the book, and one character in particular, stuck with me. I’ve since bought three of the other books in the series (one is even autographed), though I haven’t read them.

So when I read about two readers’ responses to the newest book, I decided to read the spoiler at Slaughter’s site before reading any other books in the series.

What I read broke my heart.

Even as I write that, it sounds a little crazy. I read the book almost three years ago, and I definitely don’t have the emotional attachment that long-time readers have. On the other hand, it says something to me that I grieve so much over something that happens to a character I read about three years ago. Slaughter writes memorable characters, no question. But I doubt I’ll ever read another of her books.

As a writer, I understand the need to write about things and events that readers might not appreciate. I get that. I also get that I am not her target audience, because she’s going someplace I, as a reader, can’t follow.

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