Review Marathon

Today I realized that my first book is coming out in less than a month, and therefore I need to finish the contemporary books in my latest batch from The Romance Reader. As I mentioned in an earlier entry, I will not be reviewing contemporaries at TRR once my book comes out. Instead, I will read and review paranormal and historical romance.

I’ll still review contemporaries here if I feel so inclined.

What this means is that I have two contemporaries to read and review before June, which shouldn’t be a problem. I just wish I hadn’t read two paranormals first, because I need to write reviews while the book is still fresh (more or less) in my mind. I’m spreading myself a little thin these days. Time is precious.

P.S. I just found out the release date of my second book: July 28.

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  1. HelenKay says:

    Congrats! Time to start the countdown…

  2. Thanks, HelenKay! Only 15 days now.