Locked Out . . . but I’m Back

I’ve been locked out of this blog for months after my PHP was upgraded last autumn. Turns out I had a number of features that didn’t work so well with the new PHP, and that led to a bunch of error messages where a dashboard should be. Lots of searching turned up a solution, finally. And I celebrated by updating the look of the blog. I kind of miss my reading girl heading, but I needed a refresh. Designer Blogs is my go-to place for a new look these days because they offer a nice range of premade designs for WordPress.

I want to start using this blog again, even if it’s just to log what I read without providing much commentary. And I plan to write about a variety of things. For instance, Free Comic Book Day is coming this Saturday, so check to see if your local comic store is participating.

I am about halfway through Dancing with Death, a true-crime book about the murder of Jay Orbin.

Dancing with Death

It’s a fascinating read so far. It helps that the author was able to interview the suspect as well as many of the peripheral characters. It creates a fuller picture of the people involved. More on that when I finish the book.

Thanks to Dear Author, I just picked up Sandy James’ All the Right Reasons. Yet another e-book on the TBR . . . my Kobo is packed with books, but this one sounded good (and is free!) so it’s on my reader now.

Not sure if anyone out there is reading this, but if so, tell me what you are reading these days.

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  1. I’m reading this! And I’m so very happy you chose my book!!
    What am I reading? Totally engrossed in Cheryl Brooks’s new self-pubbed book–Unbridled! Also reading Hannah Howell’s latest historical–If He’s Tempted.

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